Call me old-fashioned!

19 May

Call me old fashioned if you want, but I still believe that the only way for people to be saved from the wrath of God being poured out on their sin, is for them to believe the Gospel!  That is: believing that Jesus is Lord and God, who in a mighty act of grace, died on a cross, suffering separation from God, so that you and I, as we trust in him, repenting of our sin, can be forgiven for our rebellion and have God’s wrath dealt with, and receive the eternal life which we do not deserve, but which we all crave.  That seems to me to be the thrust of all the Scriptures.  Wherever I’m reading in the Bible, that is what I read.

And if that isn’t old fashioned enough, I also believe that the only way that people will come to believe this, is if they have the Bible taught to them.  That’s where you learn about the work of God, so that’s what people need to hear.  They need the Scriptures taught to them.  That’s what sets hearts on fire.  That’s what brings people to life.  So that’s what I need to get right and what I need to put across.

Simple.  Blogging doesn’t save people.

We need to spur one another on to good Bible teaching – even using blogs – so that the truth of the Gospel will be taught correctly and creatively.  My goal in this blog then is to share anything I come across that will stimulate good handling of the Bible, and good teaching of the Bible, so that ordinary everyday sinners will hear the Gospel and come to trust it!

That’s the task I have been given.  Do the work of an evangelist.  Preach the Word.  Entrust it to others.  No more, no less.

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