Don’t throw the baby out … please

7 Jul

I had one of those conversations on Sunday, where I thought of all I should have said, 24 hours later.  I was speaking to a man I had just met about “the problem with the church.”  He had two major problems: “It hasn’t achieved anything in 2,000 years!” (Really?!  One-third of the world is Christian, hospitals, schools, justice systems, reforms, abolition of slavery, orphanages etc – were often started or brought about by Christians) and “Christians are so divided – especially on their views of money.”

He had seen some tele-evangelists in action and was quite put off by what he saw, as they promised people riches and exploited the poor.  It gave him sufficient reason (in his mind) to dismiss Christianity all together.

After my conversation with the man, I remembered a good friend of a number of years ago, when Caterpillar shoes were the new rage, who bought a pair of Caterpilars at the side of the road, for a bargain price. He was so pleased with himself! That is, until we pointed out the spelling of Caterpilar! They were fake – not a piece of leather in sight! Now I don’t know anyone, who as a result of that incident refused to ever buy a pair of Cats again, or who even went a step further (!) and boycotted shoes all together from that point on. Everyone’s just a bit more careful and aware of dodgy salesman who prey on gullible people.

Likewise, just because there are charlatans peddling unbiblical truths for their own gain, that shouldn’t result in people throwing Christianity out with the bath water. Rather, we should all give ourselves to the careful investigation of the truth as found in the Bible and then either believe it or reject it. The truth is out there, it can be known and it must be taught.

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