Over the years that I have been teaching the Bible, both to people in my church family and to those who aspire to be Bible teachers themselves, I have noticed the joy and help they receive when 3 things are explained to them.

First, they get very excited when they hear an overview of the BIBLE or a Bible book.  To get the big picture and overall message of the Bible is a real help in making sense of the smaller pieces.  If I heard this once, I heard it 1,000 times: “Why didn’t anyone teach me an overview like this before?”  Why indeed?

Secondly, when people are given some basic RULES for interpretting the Bible, they feel the liberation of being able to study the Bible for themselves.  By keeping just a few keys things in mind, one can grow in your ability to accurately interpret God’s Word.

Thirdly, when given some guidelines on basic TEACHING skills, their confidence rapidly grows, as they seek to communicate God’s Word effectively to those around them.

This website is committed to these three things:

BIBLE overviews and overviews of Bible books, as found in: SEE it ALL

RULES for good Bible interpretation, as found in: GET it RIGHT

TEACHING tips for good communication, as found in: PUT it ACROSS

This is what I am seeking to achieve because I believe that Bible Teaching Rules!  Hearts are still set on fire today, in the same way they were set on fire when Jesus spoke to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus: through good, Christ-centred, Bible teaching.  Therefore, we should stick to the same fundamental things, as we seek to make an impact for God’s Kingdom.  Preach the Word!



1. See it ALL

  • An overview of the Gospel
  • An overview of the Bible
  • An overview of Biblical Doctrine

2. Get it RIGHT

  • General Principles of Exposition
  • Principles of Exposition – OT Narrative
  • Principles of Exposition – OT Poetry
  • Principles of Exposition – OT Wisdom
  • Principles of Exposition – OT Prophecy
  • Principles of Exposition – NT Gospels
  • Principles of Exposition – NT Epistles
  • Principles of Exposition – NT Apocalyptic

3. Put it ACROSS

  • Structuring a talk
  • Presenting a talk

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Michael Schafer and Andy Pike

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